Developer Notes

1. Welcome

Welcome to the home page of the Pliny website for Pliny software developers. Here you will find information useful to Java programmers who wish to develop Pliny or Pliny-aware applications. Note: You do not need to read this if you plan to be only a Pliny user. The audience for this material is people like Java Programmers. If you are not one, stop reading this now!

This developer part of the Pliny web-site includes:

  • A Little Reading: points you to some materials that describe elements of the Eclipse plugin-in development environment that is important within Pliny. We assume here that you are already familiar with Java programming and the use of Eclipse as a Java IDE, but have not developed an Eclipse plugin before.
  • Introduction to the Plugins: provides a brief introduction to the Pliny plugins.
  • The Plugin provides an overview of the materials in this Plugin, which, in turn, is the base plugin upon which Pliny is built.
  • The Pliny Data Model provides an overview of the underlying data model that drives Pliny
  • Annotation/Reference area classes provides an overview of most of the major underlying classes that implement Pliny's Annotation/Reference area.
  • NoteEditor classes provides an overview of important classes that support the operation of the Pliny Note Editor.
  • Resource Explorer classes and data model describes the classes that implement the Resource Explorer, and explains the data model it uses.
  • Extension Point resourceExtensionProcessor describes the Eclipse extension point defined within Pliny to support integration between Pliny base and Pliny-aware plugins.

The JavaDoc API documentation for all the Pliny classes can be found here.

John Bradley
Center for Computing in the Humanities
King's College London