Interface Summary
IButtonHolderPart identifes that this GEF edit part displays buttons that manage the switching between open(expanded) and minimized display, and between displaying the map/reference area and the content area.
IDirectEditablePart identifies a GEF EditPart that contains direct-editable text.
IHasConnectionLayer announces that the figure associated with this GEF editpart has a connection layer (for drawing the Pliny connection lines between reference objects).
IHasReferencerManager announces to parts of the GEF managed reference/annotation area that need to know that this editPart's model can generate a ReferencerManager.
IMoveableChildrenEditPart announces that this GEF editpart is moveable, and that it has a referencer manager.
IScalableImagePart announces that this GEF edit part can hold scaleable data (such as zoomable images) where the children GEF editparts must be repositioned whenever the scale of this part is changed.

Class Summary
LinkableObjectBasePart provides base support for GEF editparts that derive from LinkableObjects, including (i) reference objects (both scaleable and unscaleable), and anchor objects.
LinkableObjectPart extends LinkableObjectBasePart to support the display of reference objects in unscaleable reference areas.
LinkPart proves the GEF editPart that manages the display of the connection lines between reference objects in the reference/annotation display.
MapContentHolderPart this GEF editPart manages its associated reference object's content area when it is displaying the associated reference area.
MessagePart provides an GEF editpart to display an error message provided by model element MessageForGEF.
NoteTextPart provides the GEF editpart the corresponds to the textual content of a NoteLucened resource.
OrderableAbstractGraphicalEditPart Manages the Z ordering of items displayed by GEF which need to be manipulated while the user selects an item for editing.
ParentAndOrderableAbstractGraphicalEditPart extends the Z-ordering functions provided in OrderableAbstractGraphicalEditPart to provide a common base for managing the referencer manager (ReferencerManager).
ParentOfOrderableAbstractGraphicalEditPart provides methods needed to allow its children GEF editparts to have their Z-ordering managed so that currently selected items can be moved to the top.
PlinyDirectEditManager manages the direct textual editing for those GEF Pliny editParts that require it.
PlinyFieldLocator adapts the GEF CellEditorLocator to meet the need of Pliny's dikrect-editable items.
ReferencerPart the GEF EditPart for the reference.
RootResourceHolderPart the GEF root EditPart extends RootResourcePart to support a Resource's reference/annotation area, when the editor is using a ResourceHolder.
RootResourcePart the GEF root EditPart for a Resource's reference/annotation area.
ScalableAnchorPart extends LinkableObjectBasePart to handle the display of anchors.
ScalableLinkableObjectPart extends LinkableObjectPart to handle the display of scalable reference objects derived from LinkableObject and displayed in scalable parent objects.
TextContentHolderPart this GEF editPart manages its associated reference object's content area when it is displaying the text area of a NoteLucene.